Posted February 9, 2021

​Sheriff Couch Expanding ADVANCE to Include the Tar Wars® Program. To combat the dangerous use of Tobacco and Vaping products, Sheriff Couch is please to announce that our ADVANCE school-based program will be adding the Tar Wars® program to our service in our elementary school.

Tar Wars® is a tobacco-free education program for fifth-grade students. “Tar Wars is a program of the American Academy of Family Physicians” that provides education on the consequences of vaping, tobacco use and the benefits of being drug free. Program Goals • Increase knowledge of short-term health effects and imagebased consequences of tobacco use; • Illustrate cost and financial impact of using tobacco and ways money could be better spent; • Identify reasons why people use tobacco; and • Explain how tobacco advertising, tobacco use in movies, and the tobacco industry markets their products to youth.

The program will be facilitated by our ADVANCE training staff at the conclusion of the nine-week ADVANCE program to reinforce the information contained in our ADVANCE curriculum.  Click HERE for more information.